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Fresh for Spring – March Birthstone Aquamarine

Fresh and Crisp- Aquamarine is the perfect gemstone to step into spring!

Elegant and complimentary to all skin tones, the seawater-blue Aquamarine is a popular coloured stone used in fine jewellery. Aswell as being the March Birthstone; traditionally it was thought to enhance the happiness of marriages and spiritually it was seen as a protective stone.

Here at Owen & Robinson we have a wide range of coloured stone jewellery with Aquamarine as one of our personal favourites. Whether its a unique choice of engagement ring or a elegant pendant drop you are looking for, we have something to suit everyone.

Owen & Robinson






This unique three stone platinum ring features a stunning claw set sea-blue droplet, pear cut Aquamarine at 1.35ct. It is complimented by two horizontal claw set pear cut Diamonds at 0.55ct total, G colour and VS1 clarity. Size N, other sizes available on request. (£5165, 0% interest free finance available)





Owen and Robinson

Looking for something a little different than a diamond ring? This platinum and Blue-Green Aquamarine ring features a round brilliant cut, claw set Aquamarine solitaire at 0.25ct, with channel and claw set diamond shoulders. This ring would make a beautiful dress ring or an alternative engagement ring. Size M, other sizes available on request
(£2310, 0% interest free finance available)










Quality Factors

The preferred colour for Aquamarine is based on personal preference, ranging from pale effervescent blue-green to the most valued ‘moderately strong dark blue to slightly greenish blue’ (Gemological Institute of America, GIA). Most Aquamarine on the market is a pale blue-green colour.

Most Aquamarines used in fine jewellery are visibly ‘eye-clean clear’ which means inclusions are not easily visible to the naked eye.


Aquamarine can be cut to almost any shape and is popular with artistic carvers.  Lydia Dyer creates a unusual water ripple- like texture to this large 10.37ct Aquamarine. The most popular cuts include; round, oval and emerald. Facets can hide any major inclusions in the stone.

10.37 ct aquamarine RippleTop cut.  Lydia Dyer, gem courtesy John Dyer & Co. (GIA)

Aquamarine comes in all sizes-
‘The largest Brazilian aquamarine on record was found in 1910, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. It weighed 244 lbs. (110 kg) and measured 19 in. (48 cm) long and 15 in. (38 cm) in diameter.’ (GIA)

Caring for your Aquamarine

Aquamarine is from the Beryl Group, which includes Emerald. It is a fairly hard stone on the MOHS Scale at 7.8- so providing it is treated with care avoiding heavy knocks, the stone is durable enough for careful day-to-day wear. Cleaning with warm soapy water will be sufficient enough to keep your Aquamarine looking bright- harsh chemical cleaners or anything including hydrofluoric acid should be avoided.

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