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The King of Gems- Ruby July Birthstone

Ruby also known as ‘The King of Gems’ translated from Sanscript, Ratnaraj. The statement red Ruby is birthstone for July, aswell as being the traditional stone given on 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. Part of the corundum mineral group of stones which includes Sapphire; Rubies are the most high value coloured stone on the market, with the highest per-carat price. At Owen & Robinson, we have one of the best selections of coloured stones in Leeds, and we can source any particular Ruby to suite all budgets.


GIA variations in cut, colour, clarity and carat size

Arguably the most integral characteristic of a Ruby is the colour, the more intense and the red the greater the value. Vibrant red to a purplish red colour is prefered, a stone that is too light or too dark has a lower value. A very light ruby is sometimes mistaken for a pink sapphire, however gemologists can assess the subtle colour differences using a set of master stones.

Owen & Robinson Ruby & Diamond 18ct White & Yellow Gold Cluster Stud Earrings. Ruby: 0.90ct total. Diamond: 0.41ct £2,295.00

Nearly all Rubies have some degree of inclusions and those that do not are extremely rare to non existent! Inclusions that alter the appearance, brightness and transparency of the ruby are most affecting on value. The positioning of these inclusions are also a factor, a large inclusion on the table (top) of the stone can affect the overall brilliance of the stone and can also have some affect on its durability and risk of fractures.

Regular inclusions seen are groupings of intersecting needle lines called rutile silks, these can actually enhance the overall appearance by enhancing light reflection across the facets and brightening a dark ruby


Ruby in its raw form, GIA quality factors

The natural crystal shape of a ruby allows for certain cuts, most commonly a flat hexagonal shape with a large table is used. Oval and cushion cuts are most regularly seen, however other options such as emerald and rounds are available but the price in higher in larger carat sizes.

18ct White and Yellow Gold Ruby
& Diamond Flower Cluster Ring,
Ruby: 0.49ct Diamond: 0.19ct,
Owen & Robinson £1865

Caring for your Rubies

Rubies and Sapphires are apart of the same mineral group, Corundum. On the Moh’s hardness scale they are a number 9, making them one of the most durable coloured stones and suitable for everyday wear. However the diamond is many times harder.

Warm soapy water is the best way to clean rubies at home; ultrasonic cleaners used in jewellers are another effective method of a deeper clean to reach all hidden areas of the stone.

Owen & Robinson Ruby & Diamond 18ct White & Yellow Gold Cluster Stud Earrings. Ruby: 0.90ct total. Diamond: 0.41ct £2,295.00