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Our Complete guide to buying the perfect Engagement ring:

Finding the right engagement ring is all about the little details. Nothing will ever come close to your engagement ring. For many, it’s that first token of love between you and your loved one. It stands as a token of everlasting love and commitment, plus it has to look beautiful since you’ll be wearing it on your hand for an entire lifetime. There’s a number of steps to take when considering how to purchase the perfect engagement ring. We’ve provided a breakdown of things to consider before parting with your money, plus a guide on the different engagement ring styles, as well as the 4 C’s to remember when looking at purchasing a sparkling diamond engagement ring.

1) Set a Budget;

If you haven’t already set a budget for how much you want to spend on an engagement ring, you’ll want to do this first. That said, you also need to prepare to spend a little over or a little under, since the perfect ring won’t have a specific price tag on it before you’ve even looked at it. Setting a budget before investing in an engagement ring will avoid the disappointment of falling in love with a design before revealing an unrealistic price tag.

2) What’s your style?

Think about how you want your engagement ring to look on the hand. Choose your favourite metal finish, whether you want a single diamond or many diamonds, and whether you like simple and understated engagement rings, or a lavish, intricate and ornate-looking engagement ring. If you’re a gentleman looking for an engagement ring for your loved one, take her out for a bit of retail therapy and take note on where her eyes are drawn. Look at her collection of jewellery pieces, take a mental note of the rings she already wears – your final choice will have to be one she lives with for the rest of her life, so it must be perfect.

You’ll also want to consider whether your preference lies with a rose gold, white, gold, platinum or yellow gold engagement ring. Factors like the material that you intend your wedding ring to be finished in will determine which precious metal you choose for your engagement ring, since you’ll want your rings to be somewhat coordinated when worn together. Here’s a simple run-down of the different engagement ring styles you may want to look at when going in search of your perfect design.

Solitaire engagement rings: A timeless and classic engagement ring setting that exudes beauty through the simplicity of its design.

Cluster engagement rings: A cluster of small sparkling diamonds that creates the impression of a much larger central diamond from a distance. A statement piece for glamour-loving ladies.

Diamond set shoulder engagement rings: Claw set diamond or rub-over set diamonds encrusted along the shoulders of an engagement ring promise more dazzle and an ultra-glamorous feel to any design.

Halo engagement ring: A large centre stone surrounded by a pave diamond formation of smaller sparkling diamonds.

Three stone engagement rings: Perfect for showcasing a colourful gemstone in the centre, flanked by a sparkling diamond at each side.

Rub-over engagement rings: an ideal way to parade a beautiful diamond inside a modern, more streamlined design.

3) Choosing the right diamond:

Here at Owen & Robinson the majority of our engagement rings feature sparkling GIA certified diamonds. The diamond certificate, also known as a diamond report, is issued by an accredited independent gemmological laboratory, taking into account the 4 C’s of s diamond – its cut, clarity, colour and carat. Here’s a simple guide to ensure you’re choosing a diamond that is right for you:

Carat: The heavier the diamond, the higher the carat weight, whilst the larger the diamond – the rarer. Does your lover like larger statement-making diamonds, or a smaller stone for an understated sparkle?

Cut: The better the diamond cut, the more it will scintillate under the light, resulting in a diamond with maximum fire and brilliance. Diamond cuts are measured by: Excellent, Very Good, Good and Fair.

Colour: D is the highest grade of colour a diamond can be credited with. Those graded a Z colour reflect the least amount of light and are dull to the eye.

Clarity: The clarity of a diamond determines how eye-clean it is. Clarity is measured by; IF (internally flawless – the rarest and most highly desirable grade of diamond clarity) to I1 (Included 1 – a diamond with the largest number of blemishes).

4) Finding the right stone shape:

Finding the right stone shape for your engagement ring is a fundamental part of your quest in finding the perfect design. The stone shape you settle on will determine how it looks on your hand and must be a design that will compliment other staple jewellery pieces worn on the hand on a daily basis. With so many different stone shapes to consider, it can be quite an overwhelming task when going in search of the perfect diamond engagement ring. Below are the most common stone shapes that we feature throughout our collection of fine diamond engagement rings here at Owen & Robinson:

Round brilliant cut diamond: a classic and popular choice of diamond shape which promises to yield maximum light reflection.

Marquise cut diamond: An elongating stone shape steeped in history, harkening back to King Louis XV, who commissioned the shape inspired by his mistresses smile.

Oval cut diamond: The elongated shape of an oval cut diamond can create the impression of a much larger central diamond when showcased in an engagement ring.

Pear cut diamond: A symmetrical shape with a tapered end, perfect for enhancing ultra-feminine jewellery designs and creating a unique, delicate look in an engagement ring.

Princess cut diamond: A versatile shape of diamond that can either be incorporated into modern or classic engagement ring designs.

Emerald cut diamond: Showcasing breath-taking clarity, emerald cut diamonds are perfect for glamour-loving ladies who like luxurious, lavish designs.

Gemstones or no gemstones?

Gemstone engagement rings are also a popular choice for ladies wanting to incorporate their birthstone or their favourite coloured precious stone into an engagement ring style of their choice. For more information on the different styles of gemstone engagement rings we offer here at Owen & Robinson, you can check out our guide to choosing the perfect gemstone engagement ring here.


So once you’ve decided on your engagement ring style, your favourite precious metal, the diamond shape (or gemstone shape) you want, as well as the perfect setting for your engagement ring, you can be confident that finding your perfect engagement ring rom Owen & Robinson is a token of love and commitment that you’ll want to wear and cherish an entire lifetime.