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Owen & Robinson’s guide to 88 Rue Du Rhone Watches:

For many the number 7 is a lucky number, but not for watchmakers at 88 Rue Du Rhone. The company was taken over by Swiss fashion brand MY MARACUJA, which was founded in 2014, by Juliane and Pierre Bernheim. The company which specialises in luxury fashion accessories took the watch brand under its wing, opening its doors to a new ingenious artform. There are a number of connotations associated with the number 8. Aside from its association with luck, it also symbolises fortune, power and ambition. 88 Rue du Rhone watches will appeal to a diverse range of collectors. Whether you have been looking to invest in a timepiece from this Swiss brand for some time but just aren’t sure which one to go for, or whether the company is a brand that you’d like to learn more about – our guide to 88 Rue Du Rhone watches is sure to outline the company’s ambitions both as a prestigious watchmaker and an innovator within the luxury Swiss market.

When you look at the face of every 88 Rue du Rhone watch, you’ll see the company logo positioned at 12 o’clock. The famous emblem denotes the face of a watch with its hands pointing to the traditional 10:10 position. If you look at the logo horizontally, it represents the mathematical sign for infinity. Regardless of your take on the 88 Rue du Rhone symbol, one characteristic that can’t be denied is the way that the soft flowing curves of the logo reflect the smooth polished circular forms of the brand’s watch cases and their beautifully cambered lugs.

Rue du Rhone is a luxury shopper’s paradise. It runs parallel to the River Rhone which meanders through the heart of Geneva. 88 is the only missing number in this prestigious street of high-end shops. Instead, the location where the number should be offers a breath-taking view over the Rhône River flowing out of Lake Geneva which has become the backdrop to a watchmaking industry with over 5 centuries worth of heritage.

Which 88 Rue du Rhone watch to buy?

The great thing about 88 Rue du Rhone watches is that they come in all styles and range from the simple three handed dial to a sportier chronograph model. If you like watches that feel and look a little more technical, the latter are definitely worth a look at. Chronograph models are present both in the Rive collection and the Double & Origin collection that we stock here at Owen & Robinson. There are a number of ladies’ 88 Rue du Rhone watches with elegant 29m case widths and delicately patterned dial surfaces. For the men’s 88 Rue du Rhone watches – the sizes can vary between 41mm and 45mm – the larger of which feature in the sportier, bolder chronograph designs. You can pick up a classic-looking Rive watch from our collection for around £250, or dig deeper into your pocket for a watch that offers a little more functionality and a LOT more on character. So, whether you’re looking for a diamond-set watch for adding a luxurious touch to your everyday style, or interested in the edgier and more dynamic watches with splashes of colour here and there – you’re bound to find something you like from this range of timepieces.

Why are 88 Ru Du Rhone watches so special?

Every 88 Rue du Rhone watch has a story to tell. Inspired by the continuous flow of water, these creations keep accurate time in a continuous flow, just like water itself. Water constantly changes its from. From steam to ice to rain to snow – watchmakers inventing these unique timepieces are constantly innovating, evolving and refining their designs. Pierre et Elie Bernheim are two entrepreneurial spirits that combine their ideas and skills to create a diverse range of timepieces that balance Swiss excellence with contemporary designs – tradition with innovation. They’re also incredibly affordable, so if you’re looking for a mid-range watch that exudes a strong sense of luxury and opulence when you wear it with a jacket or your favourite black dress – 88 Rue du Rhone watches are probably your best choice. The materials and components sourced by the talented craftsmen at the brand’s manufacturing house, are all entirely Swiss made – a detail that will make all the difference if you’re purchasing this watch for someone who collects some of Switzerland’s finest timepieces from some of the world’s most reputable brands.

The Collections:


Rive watches from 88 Rue du Rhone are inspired by the Rhone River itself and bring purity to the wrist with their minimalist design. Their dial colours range from silver brown to traditional black to vibrant blue and some models adorned with “8”-style filigree motifs etched onto mother of pearl dials. You can choose between a leather band or a metal bracelet, as well a two-hand dial, a three-hand dial or a chronograph variation. The gold PVD coated models will understandably contribute a more luxurious feel the wrist. These gold PVD quartz watches tend to have matching coloured hands as well as trimmings around the date aperture and in the 88 Rue du Rhone motif itself – nice finishes if you’re one for noticing the finer details in a watch. Chronograph Rive watches from 88 Rue du Rhone can be purchased for around £360-£460.

Double & Origin

Ladies’ and men’s 88 Rue du Rhone watches can be found in the Double & Origin collection, as well as a choice between a stainless steel bracelet and a leather band.  Powered by quartz movement again, these timepieces offer incredible value for money and are often characterised by slender baton indexes in the gent’s range or diamond dot indexes in the ladies’ range. Chronograph versions of the 88 Rue du Rhone Double & Origin family feature vibrantly coloured chronographs seconds hands, and in some models, a sleek black PVD coated stainless steel case with attention-demanding push pieces. If you prefer the more classic look however, steel, rose gold PVD and yellow gold PVD variations fitted on a metal bracelet with folding clasp, are a great addition to formal wear.