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Owen & Robinson’s guide to Raymond Weil Watches

Raymond Weil are a reasonably young brand when you compare them to the likes of Blancpain and Vacheron Constantin. That doesn’t mean to say that their timepieces are not as beautifully built or as capable of keeping precision time than those brands that have been around for hundreds of years. Some of the most beautiful watches have been developed by Raymond Weil who pitch themselves well when it comes to providing stylish watches that deliver both on reliability and functionality. Raymond Weil watches sway more towards the classic genre. Their designs are inspired heavily by the music industry and some of the world’s most iconic classical composers, pop singers and musicians. In terms of the cost of a Raymond Weil watch, they vary from a very classic-looking Toccata watch with traditional Roman numeral dial priced at around £450 to an all-steel Freelancer Chronograph costing around £2,500.

What makes Raymond Weil watches so unique?

Within just a few short years Raymond Weil have managed to build up their reputation for creating fine luxury Swiss watches, taking them to a whole new level. The brand has created so many coveted wristwatches. In 2007 Raymond Weil were the first to create their very own island on the prestigious Social Life channel. They were also the first watch brand to use Facebook commerce, also known as Fcommerce and has an active social media platform. Maintaining a personal and engaging relationship with their clients as well as a unique relationship with their customers, has enabled Raymond Weil to create huge brand awareness.

The Raymond Weil watch collections

If you’re wondering what the best Raymond Weil watches on offer are, our quick guide to the brand’s various collections will help identify what each family is renowned for. If you browse Raymond Weil watches as a whole on our Owen & Robinson website, you’ll see both Raymond Weil watches for men and Raymond Weil watches for women.

Women’s Raymond Weil Watches that Shine

Raymond Weil Shine watches are incredibly elegant. The line which was developed for ladies who like to add a touch of finesse and opulence to everyday life, are crafted from reliable materials but showcase a number of luxurious finishes that enable them to double-up as a piece of jewellery. Saying that, these Raymond Weil watches for women are also practical enough to be worn very day of the week. Their classic, easy-to-read dials are delightful to reference the time from.

As their namesake suggests, Raymond Weil Shine watches encourage a lady to express her femininity, combined with a taste for exquisite craftmanship. Delicate mother of pearl dials dressed on polished stainless steel straps are perfect for you if you’re a lady looking at classic women’s watches. The timepieces also come with black satin straps that pair well with an elegant dinner dress for those occasions where a pared-down look with smart casual attire is needed.

Parsifal Watches

The Raymond Weil Parsifal watch collection was launched in 1991 and features signature elements that have remained throughout the line ever since. Their cross link bracelets and the rounded outlines of their cases being two characteristic in particular. Inspired by their passion for the Sydney Opera Ballet and Richard Wagner’s last opera, Parsifal – it comes as no surprise that these timepieces are some of the most elegant and refined in the entire watchmaking industry. Diamond dot indexes against mother of pearl backdrops are an iconic look within this collection.

Freelancer Watches

The Freelancer watch collection by Raymond Weil is a varied and diverse family of timepieces. You can find Freelancer watches for women within this collection, as well as bona fide chronographs infused with an ultra-masculine aesthetic. There are also limited edition Raymond Weil watches belonging in this category, like the ACDC limited edition watch, equipped with an open heart disc at 6 o’clock on a dramatic black background. Also the David Bowie Limited Edition watch, powered by an automatic movement protected within a 42mm stainless steel case.

Other Raymond Weil Freelancer watches include diver’s timepieces with black coated unidirectional rotating bezels and luminous coated appliques to stand out from the dial when referencing remaining dive time under water. Retrograde-style date features and black PVD coated cases enhance a sporty diver-infused aesthetic. For the more classic Raymond Weil Freelancer watches – there are models with a scintillating diamond-dot hour track, accompanied by a diamond-set bezel and an irredescent mother of pearl dial that catches the light beautifully as a pair of Raymond Weil hands parade its surface. For a dressier men’s Raymond Weil Freelancer watch, a choice between a blue or black three-handed dial with a date feature can be found amongst our compelling collection. The black dial version is elevated by a bi-colour rose gold PVD and stainless steel design, matched with rose gold coloured hands.

Tango Watches

There are a number of novelties to choose from when it comes to ladies Tango watches from Raymond Weil. Smooth sensual lines celebrate a women’s beauty, propelling the collection forward to excite the desires of those with a love for luxurious materials and sumptuous finishes. That said, men’s Tango watches from Raymond Weil are just as charming. There’s even the Amplication Limited Edition watch to feast your eyes on, which sports a stealth-like black chronograph dial, accented with golden tones seen in two of the three chronograph counters. Other designs offer a choice of materials, such as an all stainless steel case with a bezel showered entirely in diamonds, or a rose gold PVD coated stainless steel bezel version with a bi-colour bracelet that is sure to look sophisticate with formal attire.

In Summary, , ,

Raymond Weil watches come in many wonderful variations from a classic three-handed dial design, to chronograph wristwatches and models that sit in between to two with just a practical date window to help keep on track of time. The limited edition watches from Raymond Weil make for great collectable pieces to invest in. With an interesting story behind the making of every Raymond Weil watch, these timepieces are worn for much more than just reading the time. They are a way of life for many – an expression of a person’s individuality. With models that offer a glimpse into the brand’s movement manufacture through the front dial and others that can be worn as an elegant piece of jewellery by night, there’s very little that Raymond Weil haven’t considered when it comes to creating a timepiece for every occasion and every wearer.