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Owen & Robinson Bespoke Jewellery Service

It doesn’t matter whether you already have your dream piece of jewellery carved out in your imagination, or whether you desire a unique design that nobody else has, reaching out to our bespoke jewellery design team here at Owen & Robinson could be the best decision you’ve ever made. Creating your very own piece of jewellery or letting our talented in-house designer do it for you, is the perfect way to connect with something every day that tells the world a little bit about who you are as a person.

Our bespoke jewellery design service isn’t just confined to recreating a design that you’ve long desired, we can reimagine an old piece of jewellery too. As an independent jeweller, we understand the importance and the sentiment behind family heirlooms, but an inherited piece of jewellery, as beautiful as it may be, can often be put in a safe place and left there, especially if its design is outdated. We can modify a pre-loved piece of jewellery, incorporating additional stones and design features that make it more “you”. We also design unique engagement rings and wedding rings. So you can combine ideas and collaborate with your partner or our designer to develop something that signifies a special message that means something personal to you and your loved one.

Those are just some aspects of our bespoke service. Now let’s introduce you to the talented designer behind our exclusive Owen & Robinson pieces. Emily Rose treats every bespoke design like a work of art. One aspect she enjoys most within this field of expertise is helping a customer create something that can be worn as an extension to their personality. She believes each creation should tell a story, whether it’s about the past or the future to come. Her vivid imagination and passion for unusual detail formed the inspiration behind our iconic Bloom collection – a line of distinctly elegant creations influenced by the beauty of nature and our surroundings.

If a piece of handmade jewellery appeals to you, you can bring your design ideas into the store. An initial meeting with Emily Rose will enable her the chance to familiarise herself with your style and preferences. Visiting our boutique and getting to know our staff in a relaxed setting is also a great chance for you to learn a little bit about our customer service values and how we like to do things here at Owen & Robinson. The consultation is also where you’ll get a chance to discuss your materials, diamonds, coloured gemstones and any finer details that you want to incorporate into your design, as well as a budget and a timescale.

Once the initial meeting is finished, our in-house designer will get to work. Creating pencil sketches that embody the ideas and style preferences discussed in your consultation. Before a final piece is decided upon, you’ll be welcomed back into store to take a look at your design. Here you can add any finishing touches or make any final amendments, as well as taking advantage of our 3D computer drawings if you so wish. This is a special time for you and your loved one to share, especially if you have decided to collaborate on an engagement ring design. You can enjoy adding the last details and finishing touches of your chosen piece before the design process gets underway.

Whilst you wait for your dream piece of jewellery to be made, we will dedicate the time to sourcing the perfect stones and materials to bring your very own unique innovation to life. Once your treasured piece of jewellery is ready, we’ll invite you back into store to share the most important and special part of the process with you– viewing the item and trying it on.

Bring an idea into us here at Owen & Robinson or take inspiration from our exclusive collections by browsing our online catalogue to see what we currently have on offer. Our specialist team are on hand to answer any queries whether you choose to contact us via email, phone call or our online chat service. Additionally, you can visit the store and view our designs in person. Whether it’s a reimagined family heirloom, a bespoke engagement ring, or a unique gift for a loved one – we look forward to sharing your special journey with you.

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