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Owen & Robinson: Lydia’s Bees Jewellery Collection

The humble, hardworking bumblebee has a vital place in British wildlife. If you’re passionate about nature and particularly fond of honey bees, you’ll share Christopher Evan’s enthusiasm, creator of the Lydia’s Bees jewellery collection. He set to work at creating a unique interpretation of the honey bee in its natural habitat. His first honey bee pendant was created with love and by hand in 2017. The pendant would be a special gift to his daughter for her birthday but soon filled him with intrigue, where he then set about making an entire collection dedicated to this beautiful species. The collection was named Lydia’s Bees Jewellery.

The Story of Lydia’s Bees Jewellery:

Soon Lydia’s Bees jewellery pieces were part of a colony of their own, attracting many a jewellery lover as well as those who share the same fascination and affection towards the honey bee. Our collection of Lydia’s Bees jewellery comprises a total of 7 individual designs here at Owen & Robinson – each one interpreting the profile and behaviour of the honey bee in an entirely unique way. Attention-to-detail is always the sole focus behind each innovative piece of jewellery from the collection, yet there are so many other characteristics of the honey bee that bring this elegant range of jewellery pieces to life.

The Inspiration Behind Christopher Evan’s Bee Jewellery Designs:

The honey bee is a hard-working insect that plays a vital role in nature. Although small, these determined creatures build a honeycomb and forage for nectar their entire lives. A honey bee is also a team player, and thus these beautiful jewellery pieces from the Lydia’s Bees collection have a significant message behind them when gifting to a loved one or a friend.

Owen & Robinson Lydia’s Bees Jewellery:

The bee jewellery pieces belonging to our Lydia’s Bees jewellery collection here at Owen & Robinson comprises a necklace, a pendant, two bracelets and three pairs of earrings. Each design is hand finished and designed by Cheshire-based jewellery maker, Christopher Evans whose passion for mixing colours, textures and shapes is clearly conveyed in each creation.

The Earrings Range:

We offer the Lydia’s Mini Bees stud earrings in a choice of rose gold or yellow gold plated silver. Priced at £155, the compact and delicate designs are perfect for enabling you to create your very own unique look. Eye-catching detail is applied to bring the honey bee featured in each earring to life using hand-engraved techniques and high polishes. The earrings secure to the back of the ears with a classic post and butterfly fastening for a comfortable, secure fit against the skin. The drop style Lydia’s Bees earrings secure with a hook fasten and add something a little extra luxurious for pairing with elegant evening attire. The dainty bee’s body has been rendered in a stunning yellow gold plating which dangles in the light as movement is created. The Bee drop earrings are priced at £155 and come complete in special Lydia’s Bees presentation box.

The Necklace and Pendant Range:

The Lydia’s Bee necklace design from our range is crafted from silver and features a mix of yellow gold plated surfaces combined with lustrous silvery tones. The bee’s wings and antenna are highly detailed, adding depth and character to the design. Great as a birthday gift for any bee-lover, the necklace is priced at £150 and comes completed in a beautiful Lydia’s Bees jewellery box.
The pendant version, priced at £90 features alluring rose gold plated finishes which, again, interpret the beautifully posed bee differently. In this design concept, pockets of light hit the surface of the bee’s body with a mix of  stripes created by polished bands and intricately crafted hairs on the bee’s back.

The Bracelet Range:

The two Lydia’s Bees bracelets are a delicate addition to daytime or evening attire. A dainty chain crafted from silver and enclosing with a refined lobster clasp, is adorned in miniature bee motifs, positioned carefully along the chain. The bracelets, priced at £225 demonstrate a meticulous level of attention-to-detail – something that Christopher Evans wanted to communicate in each of his handcrafted designs. Available in a choice of rose or yellow gold plated finishes, these Lydia’s Bees bracelets distil the essence of femininity and uniqueness.

You can check out Owen & Robinson’s full range of Lydia’s Bees Jewellery here, or why not pop into store to view the range in more detail?