The Earth Gem- Peridot August Birthstone

Summer is at its peak and green is the Pantone colour of the year, which means Peridot is the perfect gemstone to be wearing, it is also birthstone for August and the official stone to celebrate 15th wedding anniversaries. Rich green and yellow tones characterize this vivid gemstone along with its generally clear clarity and double refraction. The ancient Egyptians in particular favoured Peridot and referred to it as the ‘gem of the sun’. The intriguing stone can be found in lava, during shifts in the earths surface stones are... Read More


The King of Gems- Ruby July Birthstone

Ruby also known as ‘The King of Gems’ translated from Sanscript, Ratnaraj. The statement red Ruby is birthstone for July, aswell as being the traditional stone given on 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. Part of the corundum mineral group of stones which includes Sapphire; Rubies are the most high value coloured stone on the market, with the highest per-carat price. At Owen & Robinson, we have one of the best selections of coloured stones in Leeds, and we can source any particular Ruby to suite all budgets. Colour Arguably the... Read More


‘A women needs ropes and ropes of pearls’ – Coco Chanel

Elegant and timeless, the Pearl is the birthstone of the month for June and the traditional choice for Third and Thirtieth anniversaries. Lustrous pearls are an ever popular choice, complimenting and adding a sense of classic style to any outfit. With natural, cultured, and a choice freshwater pearls in a variety of tones and sizes; the pearl is a classic favourite. Here at Owen and Robinson, we have a extensive selection of beautiful iridescent pearl jewellery from the classic Audrey Hepburn ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ inspired white string to everyday essential button studs. Alternative choices include... Read More


Emerald, The Greenery of Spring- May Birthstone

Vibrant and beautiful in fresh lush green hues, the Emerald has being a popular precious gemstone for centuries and coincides with the Pantone colour of the year for 2017- ‘Greenery’. Emeralds are a perfect stone to inject some colour into your spring/Summer wardrobe! Aswell as being the birthstone for may, Emerald is the traditional stone representing  20th and 35th wedding anniversaries. At Owen & Robinson we are lucky to have a wide selection of coloured stones. Vibrant Emeralds are set in combination with diamonds in a selection of traditional emerald cut designs,... Read More


The Pink Star- April Birthstone Diamond

With the record breaking ‘Pink Star’ Diamond recently achieving the world wide highest auction selling price at $71 million dollars, coloured diamonds are increasingly being favoured as a unique and luxury choice. As Diamonds are the birthstone for April (Lucky you Aries and Taurus!) we take a look into the coloured varieties we have to offer at Owen & Robinson and the presence of coloured diamonds in the jewellery world.         The pink star is an impressive 59.60ct and oval cut, the vivid pink colour is extraordinarily rare and... Read More


Fresh for Spring – March Birthstone Aquamarine

Fresh and Crisp- Aquamarine is the perfect gemstone to step into spring! Elegant and complimentary to all skin tones, the seawater-blue Aquamarine is a popular coloured stone used in fine jewellery. Aswell as being the March Birthstone; traditionally it was thought to enhance the happiness of marriages and spiritually it was seen as a protective stone. Here at Owen & Robinson we have a wide range of coloured stone jewellery with Aquamarine as one of our personal favourites. Whether its a unique choice of engagement ring or a elegant pendant drop you... Read More


Diamond Guide

Diamond Guide Diamonds are forever and the universal symbol of eternity, that’s why it’s important to choose the right one for you. We have created a simple guide to ensure you are fully informed of all the details for your special purchase to suit your budget . If you have any further questions we are always available to help, whether it’s via a phone call, email or a visit us instore for a friendly chat. Our experts would be happy to show you a range of options so you can... Read More


Will you “Bee” my Valentine?

Is Valentines day filling you with the excitement of spending the day with your loved one or is it creating a little bit of dread? With Three days to go and counting- We have just made your life that little bit easier and picked a selection of our favourite Valentines Gifts for boys and girls alike! Hearts and red roses may be the obvious but here at Owen & Robinson we have a wide selection of jewellery, watches and elegant gifts to find something suitable for everyone. Plus every item is beautifully gift... Read More