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Necklaces and pendants have been a stalwart of society and fashion since records began. Back before the refined, elegant neckwear we know and love today necklaces were made with shells, teeth or bone strung on a vine or hand-made string. The discovery of Egyptian King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber in 1915 by Howard Carter, unearthed amazing treasures like the Golden Eagle Necklace and many pendants from 3500 years ago. 

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Necklaces can be a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, a beautiful necklace can simply be a subtle accessory to give an outfit some additional sparkle. For others, a necklace can hold a lot of meaning and be worn every day. No matter the reason a person wears a necklace, you can guarantee one thing – like every piece of luxury jewellery, that particular accessory will represent something to that individual.  

Luxury Pendants and Necklaces at Owen & Robinson

Necklaces come in many shapes and sizes. From a simple gold chain to ornate, extravagant designs with multiple pendants encrusted with diamonds. With a tradition of nearly 220 years, Owen & Robinson are here to help you choose the best necklace or pendant, no matter the occasion or purpose. 

The Owen & Robinson Blue Chalcedony Pendant with White Gold Chain is an excellent example of a necklace perfectly suited for everyday wear. It features a Blue Chalcedony 4.47CT stone with Pave Set Bale Diamonds. The chain is 18CT White Gold and is crafted to last a lifetime. 

Why choose Owen & Robinson

With extensive experience in both selecting and crafting only the most exquisite jewellery, Owen & Robinson are a trusted choice when purchasing your new necklace or pendant. We also offer free UK delivery and the option of 0% on our collections.