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The 88 Rue Du Rhone watch collection was launched back in 2012 and ever since the Swiss watchmaker has been delivering contemporary watch collections for the modern man and woman. Discover sleek and sophisticated timepieces for men and women within the curated collection which features timeless designs which will stay stylish for years to come. 88 Rue Du Rhone watches are the timepieces which are crafted for those who value the finer things in life and want to look good in every room they walk into. If you would like to explore the entire range of watches available here at Owen & Robinson, we have hundreds of designs for you to choose from.

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88 Rue Du Rhone is a luxury Swiss watch manufacturing company that uses their own traditional time-honoured methods of craftsmanship yet combines them with a modern twist. As a result, these watches are not only recognised but loved on a global scale, thanks to founder, Pierre Bernheim - grandson of Raymond Weil founder - who started out in 2014 as managing director of his grandfather’s company, travelling the world and learning the skills required to take a business to global level as well as getting to know the company’s most important contacts on a one-to-one basis.

As a result, 88 Rue Du Rhone which he later came to manage alongside his brother, Elie Bernheim, became one of the most prestigious watch companies on the planet. The elegant timepieces incorporate three desirable values considered of utmost importance to Pierre and Elie – high quality, beautiful aesthetics and affordability. Pierre is also a spokesperson from the company since his entrepreneurial skills have allowed him to articulate all the finest qualities of these watches with exceptional professionalism. 

88 Rue Du Rhone watches take their name from the beautiful River Rhone which runs off from Lake Geneve. The River can be admired from one of the most luxurious places in the world. On par with the Champs-Elysees in Paris or Madison Avenue in New York, this famous location known as Rue Du Rhone street is associated with shops selling some of the most luxurious items in the world.

The number 8 bears a lot of meaning to the Swiss watch manufacture. Not only is the number 8 associated with good luck in Asian cultures, it is also representative of qualities like ambition, power and good fortune. The number 88 associated with this prestigious company represents the face of a watch displayed at 10:10 – a watchmaking tradition. If the number 8 is turned on its side it becomes the infinity symbol used in mathematics. 88 Rue Du Rhone like the idea of the company’s links with infinity, since the brand is associated with the free running River Rhone. The water element, often associated as an infinitely running source comes from the top of the Jura mountains and feeds into Lake Geneve before travelling out of the town in which is runs parallel to, to connect the Mediterranean Sea eventually. Water is a continually evolving natural element which changes from ice to water to vapour and back again. The number 8 is the universally recognised signature for 88 Rue Du Rhone. Whether the number 8 is worked into the counterweight of the second hand seen on the dial, or stamped as an engraving onto the surface of the crown – even emblazoned onto the surface of the watch’s dial – this number gives the watch company a unique identity. On the famous Rue Du Rhone street, the number 88 does not exist. Instead it is the location from which the best angle of the River can be seen. A picturesque view with serene flowing water that symbolises the gracious flowing hands of time that have come to represent the brand across the entire world. 

To meet the prerequisites associated with a traditional Swiss company, Rue Du Rhone must achieve the perfect balance between modern aesthetics and traditional know-how in the development of every timepiece. Each watch is a blend of exquisite craftsmanship, premium materials and fine hand-applied finishes. This unique blend is what makes the 88, Rue Du Rhone watch so popular. Our collection here at Owen & Robinsons includes the likes of the Rive line and the Double 8 collection. The designs vary from a simple three handed watch, to intricately crafted dials and beautifully composed chronograph dials. Each watch is either fitted with an impeccable mechanical movement or a precise quartz movement made in the heart of Switzerland.