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Self winding Breguet watches are incredibly reliable and accurate. These timekeeping tools have been manufactured from a number of intricate processes and quality-controlled methods. Breguet’s team of artisan craftsmen use their skills to hand finish the decoration on each movement whilst a steady hand strategically places every component of the watch’s movement into place. It was always company founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet’s ambition to create a watch that would wind itself without the aid of a key or any other external agency. The oscillating weight he created responded perfectly to the wearer’s movements. It sprung and then returned to its original position after each movement.  His very first perpetuelle was sold in 1780 and his self winding watches went on to bring him considerable fame and success. Technically and aesthetically they were ground-breaking. 

Today automatic Breguet movements are created in the Vallee de Joux – the centre of advanced mechanical horology. All of the hundreds of processes involved in the orchestration of a self winding Breguet watch are carried out by experienced eyes and a steady hand. The concentration in Breguet’s watchmaking facilities is palpable. Not only are self winding Breguet watches a wonderful sight to behold, but the passion and dedication behind such a high standard of craftsmanship is tangible and can be felt through the skin. The polished surfaces of the platinum and gold cases which protect these movements are silk-like to the touch. The lady or gent can see their reflection through them. The beautifully arranged self winding movements can be viewed through a sapphire-backed case of a Breguet watch. This material is integrated with anti reflective and scratch resistant technology, same as on the front of the watch face, granting the wearer a perfect view into Breguet’s world of horology. 

The Brass plates and bridges of a self winding movement have been executed in A.- L. Breguet’s unmistakable fine graining decoration – the grenaillage finish is a symbol of purity and his distaste for artificial embellishments. These fine executions feel and look authentic but also serve on a practical level since they have anti-oxidant values. The blued screws are a result of heat treatment, carried out to harden the steel. These movements highlight Breguet’s distinction and mark the evolution of the company’s watchmaking, just as much as their loyalty to traditional watchmaking. 

In 2006 Breguet began crafting some of the integral parts of their mechanical movements from silicone. It marked a major breakthrough in the company’s horological technology. Impervious to magnetic attraction and with valuable corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant properties, this material helps to improve the performance and longevity of every movement in Breguet’s manufacture. The production method involving silicone allows the manufacturer to turn out a number of complex shapes whilst ensuring precision. Innovations that followed this milestone include Breguet’s development of the magnetic pivot and magnetic strike governor. If you require additional information on any of the self winding Breguet watches you see within our collections here at Owen & Robinson, please speak with a member of our team who will be more than happy to assist further.