V8 Watches By Tissot

If you've already fallen for watches from the beloved Tissot T-Sport collection, no doubt the V8 series will set your heart racing with its racing-inspired looks and its impeccable quartz movement which works with similar principles to the V8 engine of which the collection takes its name from. The Tissot V8 chronograph pays homage to 1960’s racing car design. The chronograph counters resemble the dashboard of the race cars and the case spans a bold diameter of 42mm across the wrist. A smooth sapphire crystal glass face not only contributes to the sleek nature of the V8 watch, but will also assist you with reading the time at any point throughout the day or night, thanks to its anti glare properties. Amongst the many superb features and characteristics of a Tissot V8 watch, its attention-demanding aesthetics that look dynamic and confident upon the wrist make this watch a desirable timepiece to add to any wristwatch collection.

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Named after the engine with the same name, Tissot V8 watches have an engine of their very own which powers the hands of this prestigious chronograph. This line of sophisticated sports watches is recognised globally for its collection of stainless steel bezels. The robust cases span a diameter of 42mm across the gent's wrist, giving the instruments an air of boldness and assured masculinity. Whether you have always considered yourself a dedicated and loyal collector of the Tissot watch (be them the sportier designs or the classic dress watch), or new to the Tissot collection - one thing is guaranteed and that is the impression that a Tissot watch is sure to leave you with after having explored the entire range. Watches from the V8 collection stand out for their three subdials which are operational from two push pieces crafted from matching stainless steel and positioned just above and below the main crown.

As an official UK stockist of Tissot V8 watches here at Owen & Robinson,  we feel it’s important to reflect the very best of this unique collection. From the fine hand applied finishes to examples of some of Tissot's most impressive craftsmanship, the V8 collection is certain to leave you impressed with its dynamic approach to timekeeping. The designs are almost futuristic, beholding some of the company's most modern elements in watchmaking.  If you're a fan of motor racing and in search of a sporty watch that embodies this same passion and the adrenaline associated with the sport, the Tissot V8 is sure to be the timepiece for you. The models are powered by precise quartz technology, developed and executed in Switzerland – the home of all Tissot watchmaking. The designs are reminiscent of 1960’s car racing and so will also appeal to those collectors of vintage-inspired wristwatches. The V8 engine has eight cylinders mounted in two sets of four to create a “V” shape. Legendary racing vehicles like the Ford Mustang, the Dodge Charger R/T, the Ford GT 40, and the Shelby Cobra, are all famous for housing the V8 engine. Tissot thus declares this line of watches to be powerful engines for the wrist, whilst also paying homage to the iconic racing cars of a bygone era.

The design do the Tissot V8 showcases nods to the dashboards of racing cars that lived throughout an era that went without high-tech digital displays. Instead the trio of chronograph dials and the tachymeter scale applied to the bezels of these watches, mirror the large instruments seen on the original dashboards of these racing cars. The bezel's tachymeter scale allows you to measure average speed per hour. By pulling the crown out slightly the date can be easily adjusted, whilst pulling the crown out the whole way stops the de-centralized second hand, allowing you to adjust the time effortlessly.